Best Nightclubs in Denver Colorado

Dance is a worldwidelanguage with infinite variations, its beats and rhythms provide us license to sway, twirl, swing, stomp, dip and otherwise move across a floor to the sounds spun by DJs or played by musicians of every genre. But it is not only about the music. It is also about the building, the decoration, the lights, and the people and the acoustics. It is about state-of-the-art sound system, such as those at The Black Box and Beta Nightclub and it is about a big range of music styles to appeal to a big range of audiences; Milk is just one example.

Best nightclubs in Denver

The Black Box

The Black Box is making a title for itself as one of Denver best venues for underground bass music. It has 2 rooms custom packed with bass couch sound, making it one of the best sounding rooms in the city. The black box side has an ability of three-hundred, showcases national headliners and charges a cover at the door. The closer lounge, up to 150, specs domestic crews and has no cover charge, making it a best night out for community music lovers. 2 nights of unique note: Stomping Ground Thursday, which is run by 4 rotating crews representing the domestic bass music scene, and Final Friday, promoted by Cosmic Synergy and targeting more on the psychedelic side of bass music. On Sundays, the club hosts DJ clinics and production.

La Rumba

Channeling Havana and South Beach, La Rumba transportsSamba dancers and even Denver female strippers in bikini to entertain guests in a way that’s heat up the night. And just as they would in Havana or South Beach, visitors at La Rumba dress to impress. That means no sports apparel, tank tops, ball caps, or flip-flops. On Saturday Night, this place presents some of Denver best salsa orchestras, while Friday night is women’s night. In addition to free lessons, visitors can sign up for paid dance workshops, which take place before the doors unlock.

Bar standard

Bar standard improves two best patios that show off the Denver skyline while you dance the night away. On Sunday during the hot months, their rooftop bar opens and has some remarkable weekly parties that run from dusk till dawn. The interior has a swanky art decoration vibe and green red velvet booths that provides you a best area to rest your feet and catch your breath. The main dance floor is a pretty smaller than others in the place but the sound system there and the next level patio and stage more than make up for this.