IPv6 Training (Cisco) – How to Enable EIGRPv6 on a Cisco Router

Now, a number of you maybe thinking, why did he write a piece of writing on a way to allow EIGRPv6 on a Cisco Router, when I already know a way to try this?

Well, to answer your question, enabling EIGRP on a router this is walking on an IPv6 community, is slightly exceptional from enabling EIGRP on a router this is walking on an IPv4 community.

Meaning, a router that is going for walks on an IPv6 network, had EIGRP (EIGRPv6) enabled per interface, instead of globally like a router strolling on an IPv4 network would. So, in different phrases, whilst permitting EIGRPv6 on a Cisco router, you don’t want to use the “network” command whilst the router is in Router Configuration Mode.

Instead you will need to carry out the following steps:

  1. Router>enable
  2. Router#configure terminal
  3. Router(config)#ipv6 unicast-routing
  4. Router(config)#interface kind quantity
  5. Router(config-if)#ipv6 permit
  6. Router(config-if)#ipv6 eigrp as-wide variety
  7. Router(config-if)#no shutdown
    eight. Router(config-if)#ipv6 router eigrp as-quantity
    nine. Router(config-router)#router-identification ip-address cope with
  8. Router(config-router)#no shutdown
  9. Router(config-router)#go out
  10. Router(config)#exit
  11. Router#reproduction run start

Steps Explained:

Step #1

  1. Router>permit

Puts router into Privileged EXEC mode.

Step #2

  1. Router#configure terminal

Puts router into Global configuration mode.

Step #three

  1. Router(config)#ipv6 unicast-routing

Configures the router to course IPv6 packets

Step #four

four. Router(config)#interface fastethernet zero/zero

Specifies the fastethernet zero/zero interface on which EIGRPv6 is to be configured.

Step #5

  1. Router(config-if)#ipv6 allow

Enables IPv6 processing at the fastethernet 0/0 interface.

Step #6

  1. Router(config-if)#ipv6 eigrp 1

Enables the EIGRP for IPv6 process on the fastethernet 0/0 interface.

Step #7

  1. Router(config-if)#no shutdown

Starts the EIGRP for IPv6 protocol (technique) without changing any in step with-interface configuration.

Step #8

  1. Router(config-if)#ipv6 router eigrp 1

Puts the router into router configuration mode and creates an EIGRP for IPv6 routing technique.

Step #9

nine. Router(config-router)#router-identity ip-deal with ipv6-cope with

Enables the router to use a fixed router ID. (Remember each router Id have to be unique)

Step #10

  1. Router(config-router)#no shutdown

Put the EIGRPv6 routing manner in “no shutdown” mode if you want to begin the EIGRPv6 process.

Step #eleven

  1. Router(config-router)#exit

Returns the router to Global configuration mode

Step #12

  1. Router(config)#exit

Returns the router to Privileged EXEC mode.

Step #13

thirteen. Router#replica run begin

Saves the contents of the strolling-config to neighborhood Non -Volatile Random Access Memory (NVRAM).

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